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  • Light and well balanced, this Pedigree stainless steel digging fork makes a handsome and useful addition to any gardener's tool collection. Ideal for breaking up compacted ground, loosening soil around weeds, spreading compost or manure over beds and lifting piles of green waste. Strap-socketed for extra strength, the head is riveted to a sustainable solid ash shaft capped with a comfortable YD grip. The 32" handle is perfect for the taller gardener or someone looking for a little extra leverage when working in heavy soil.

    Key Features

    • Perfect for breaking up compact ground
    • Rust-resistant stainless steel head
    • Easy to keep clean
    • Double-riveted strapped socket
    • Comfortable YD handle
    • Lightweight and well balanced


    PGDF28, PGDF32

    Digging Forks

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