We offer many different kinds of handle types. Learn more about them here.

‘YD’ Wooden

This high quality Ash handle is split and steamed into shape. It will mould to the users hand over time.

‘MYD’ Metal

This handle is made from a galvanised steel frame and is fitted with a wooden grip for comfort.

T Wooden

This hardwood handle is securely morticed, tenoned and glued to a shaft of the same material.

‘LPH’ Long Plain Handle

This reference code refers to our extra long plain handles. Made from various materials.

‘PD’ Plastic D Grip

Formed from a comfortable plastic mould, this grip is mounted onto a wooden shaft.

‘ERGO’ Grip

Made from two soft touch materials to give a comfortable forward tilt grip to assist with digging.

Box D

This traditional hardwood handle is made from a single piece of timber. It is riveted for extra strength.

‘PD’ Plastic D Grip

Made from high-grade polypropylene to prevent rotting or rusting. Grip and shaft are made from one piece.

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