Our solid forged garden spades and forks are exceptionally strong and built to last.

The Process

Our forged garden spades and forks have heads made from a single piece of steel. We use ash from sustainable sources to make the shafts and bury the shaft deep within the socket. These tools exceed British Standards and are backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Raw planks of steel are heated and stamped into "T" shaped pieces using a 600 tonne press.

Each piece of steel is then heated again to over 1100 degrees...

This allows skilled craftsmen to beat, press and mould it into shape.

To make a fork we heat and bend the spider’ piece to create a rough shape ready for further shaping.

The finished heads are then shot blasted...

and then powder coated and painted for protection.

The resulting tools have these key features:

  • Made from one piece of steel
  • Exceeds British standards
  • Lifetime guarantee
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