At Last I Get The Point!

evergreen compost fork

The weather this weekend was so wonderful that I spent most of the day in the garden this Saturday. I have cut a new bed just recently of about one metre by four. I took the opportunity to visit my local garden centre and they were a real help in assisting my plant purchase. I…

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The Chelsea Flower Show, Coming Soon!

The Chelsea Flower Show is coming! As the last forge of it’s kind in Britain, it is important that the Bulldog factory is represented at the world’s most prestigeous flower show, proving that in Britain we can still make some of the best quality tools in the world today. If you are sponsoring or building…

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How Green Is Your Garden?

We all like to think that we are doing our bit for the enviroment. Composting the grass cuttings, using the brown bin that the council provides, and re-using those plastic pots that we have to buy every time we put a new shrub into the garden. Do you ever give any thought as to where…

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My Garden Edger & The Start of The Season

This weekend the weather has been delightful. At once point in the afternoon I believe the temperature got into the early 70’s. I love working in the garden at this time of the year , it is a period when plants and shrubs are coming back to life, but there is still a bit of…

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