Looking forward to Spring

Despite the cold weather, November is the time to get the garden ready for the new year by planting spring bulbs. When choosing bulbs avoid any that are damaged or feel soft. Instead select firm and plump bulbs as these will give the best flowers. After you buy them it is important to get them…

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Land Rover: You can go fast, I can go anywhere!

“You can go fast, I can go anywhere” is one of the window stickers you can see on the back of many Land Rovers around the country. Whereas the Land Rover is not the quickest car upon the road, the chances are that it can go just about anywhere leaving your standard road car stuck…

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Land Rover - Built to Last

In last weeks blog we wrote about the similarity between the great British marque that is Land Rover and our own brand of Bulldog tools. It is a well known fact that a very high percentage of all the Land Rovers ever built are still on the road today. The figure is more than 50%.…

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A Brighter Future for British Manufacturing

Wow! What an incredible time we have had at GLEE this week. The show was smaller than in previous years, but this resulted in a higher standard of exhibitor. We saw a huge increase in interest from buyers wanting to purchase a better quality range of garden tools. At Bulldog Tools we were able to…

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