Looking back at 2009

2009 has been a year of mixed blessings. During the summer one of our main competitors ceased trading and so we bought the assets of the business. This has given our factory a new lease of life with additional woodworking lathes, racking for storage, machinery and packaging. We also had to put our workers onto…

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Autumn is here, by Ken Crowther

Shorter days, cold nights and regular falls of colourful leaves herald the start of Autumn. It’s time to tidy up, prepare for winter and finish off planting new roses, shrubs and trees. But don’t be depressed because Autumn gives us some fantastic colours; from the large shrub Rhus through to Acers, Colchicum or Autumn Crocus`s…

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Looking forward to Spring

Despite the cold weather, November is the time to get the garden ready for the new year by planting spring bulbs. When choosing bulbs avoid any that are damaged or feel soft. Instead select firm and plump bulbs as these will give the best flowers. After you buy them it is important to get them…

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Land Rover: You can go fast, I can go anywhere!

“You can go fast, I can go anywhere” is one of the window stickers you can see on the back of many Land Rovers around the country. Whereas the Land Rover is not the quickest car upon the road, the chances are that it can go just about anywhere leaving your standard road car stuck…

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