Ken's Diary September 2010

It is sad to think that already we are thinking of autumn as the leaves of trees and shrubs are turning russet colour and berries are bright orange and scarlet. Perennial autumn anemones, often called Japanese anemones, make a great display at this time of the year in white or magenta pink blooms. They too…

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Wooden D Handles

Bulldog Tools (22nd July 2009)

This photo shows wooden “D” handles being steamed, to be used for both spades and forks. The beauty of this handle is both in it’s design and the way it moulds to the hand over time. All our wooden handles are made from Ash which we get from renewable sources in Germany and the USA.…

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Good Tools for Allotments


We recently received this email from an allotment owner: Hi, I was reading your webpage and thought you may be interested in my story. 35 years ago I took on an allotment with my dad. I bought a Bulldog spade and fork and used them there. We had to give up the allotment in 1980…

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British Standards

All our solid-forged digging tools are made to British Standard BS3388. Tools made to this standard have to deviate no more than 25mm from their original shape after sustaining a pressure of 150lbs at the end of their handle. We are proud to say that Bulldog spades normally return to within just 2 or 3mm…

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