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Crocus and snowdrop

When I first started gardening at home my greatest interest was specie crocus, and back in those days they were expensive and difficult to buy.  Today we have a wider range and if you planted plenty in autumn then crocus in creams, yellows, purple, blue and oranges, with snowdrops in pure white will be popping through now…

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Posted in Gardening, Gardening with Ken By Stuart Elsom On 23rd January 2012 | 1 Comment

Choosing the right spade for you


At this time of year many of us spend time tidying up and preparing the garden for the coming growing season. Irrespective of what we like to grow in our gardens this preparation and tidying will involve an amount of digging. It is therefore essential that you have a spade that suits you and your…

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Merry Christmas

english bulldog wearing santa hat sleeping under christmas tree

Whilst many homes were bringing the decorations down from the loft, testing the Christmas Tree lights and writing Christmas cards, the Bulldog Team have been working hard to finish and launch our new website. Let me be the first to welcome you along, I hope that you find it as exciting as we do! As…

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Alan Titchmarsh Loppers Win "Tool of the Month"


Our Alan Titchmarsh Loppers have been awarded ‘Tool of the Month’ by this Sunday’s Telegraph. The loppers, which have been a huge success since their launch, make pruning back for winter a simple task. They have a ratchet mechanism to help you cut through thick branches step by step. They also have extending handles to…

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Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 8th November 2011 | 0 Comments

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