Winter Pruning


Winter is a good time to prune trees and large shrubs as they are best pruned when dormant. This dormant period runs from late Autumn until late Winter and wounds tend to heal quickly once Spring arrives and growth begins again. Although there are some exceptions to this rule (Birch trees are pruned in Autumn…

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Stockist of the Month - Elm Park Garden Centre

Ed Philp Elm Park

“Bulldog is in a class of its own – and it’s made in Britain” Says Ed Philp, MD of Elm Park Garden Centre, Tadley Heath, Basingstoke. “Our customers want quality and we were delighted to take the Bulldog range on 2 years ago. It’s not just about supporting a British Product, although that gives the…

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Toby's Tools


Twenty years ago I bought a Bulldog steel spade, partly because it came with a 15 year guarantee and it’s still going strong despite being left outside in the rain rather a lot.  It’s a bad habit I know and I do always feel guilty though, I’ve recently been reassured by the news that the…

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A Cut Above The Rest


Bulldog Tools are delighted to win a ‘Best Buy’ Award from ‘Garden News’ late in December last year. The paper which runs regular Tried & Tested features recently took on the task of testing Pruning Saws on the market. Our Premier Pruning Saw, was rated ‘Best Buy’ getting 5 stars for its quality of cut…

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