If you’re worried about finding the best Bulldog Tools to give to gardening friends and relations this Christmas, then this list should give you some gift buying inspiration!

All of the tools listed are widely available, but if your local stockist can’t help you get them then please use the ‘Find a Stockist’ feature on the site here. Pedigree tools are available from many stockists as well as our own Pedigree website www.pedigreegarden.co.uk

1. Springbok Rake

Springbok RakeThis is probably Bulldog’s most famous and best-selling rake of all time! Designed for removing dry thatch and moss from turf, the rake encourages aeration, drainage and grass shoot growth for a happy, healthy lawn. The oil quenched high tensile steel tines are each made from one piece of wire with no joints or welds which makes them very strong but slightly flexible for effective use. The rake is also fitted with an ‘A’ grade ash handle.

2. Pedigree Stainless Steel Rabbiting Spade

Pedigree Rabbiting Spade - CopyWe recommended the Bulldog Premier version of this great spade in last year’s blog post, but couldn’t resist recommending this new updated stainless steel Pedigree version! Largely unknown by those who don’t garden professionally, this all-round digging tool is dish shaped with a narrow head which makes it perfect for digging planting holes of all sizes as well as turning over and digging soil close to existing planting. The Pedigree rabbiting spade comes with a strong Ash capped ‘YD’ handle that is both traditional and very strong.

3. Tree Pruner and Telescopic Handle

Telescopic Pole PrunerThe Bulldog Telescopic Tree Pruner is the perfect tool for getting a little extra reach this Christmas! It has a pruner head which features a blued steel bypass cutting shear operated by a pulley system and an interchangeable 80 tooth, 300mm saw blade for removing larger branches. The aluminium telescopic pole handle is strong, light and extends from 1.3m to 2.4m high using a twist and turn mechanism to lock into position. The bypass cutting shear allows for neat, precise pruning of fruit and ornamental trees, while the saw blade removes the branches of larger trees quickly and easily.

4. Bulb Planter

Bulb PlanterBulldog’s Premier Bulb Planter can help save your back from the hard work of planting of all those spring bulbs! The long ash ‘T’ handle has a wider grip to allow users to push down easily while the solid forged and heavy blade is designed to help penetrate the toughest soil, removing a plug of soil to the required depth which can be replaced after the bulb has been safely planted. The planter is perfect for use with larger bulbs like daffodils, tulips and alliums and is used at many of the stately homes and public gardens around the UK.

5. Pedigree Stainless Steel Bow Rake

Pedigree Bow Rake - CopyPossibly the most beautiful rake in the world! The Pedigree Stainless Steel Bow Rake has 14 teeth and can be used for tilling the soil, breaking up big lumps of earth and sifting out and removing stones and other debris. It is particularly useful for allotment and vegetable gardeners who need to prepare beds for new seedlings regularly and the fluid ‘bow’ design means that this rake looks great as well as performing brilliantly.

6. Pedigree Professional Bypass Secateurs

Pedigree Professional Secateurs - CopyThese brand new secateurs will transform your plants and keep your garden looking really tidy. The secateurs feature an integral blade lock, spring, comfortable non-slip grips and drop forged bypass blade with a 20mm cutting capacity. Offering great value for money they are perfect for cutting flowers, foliage, fruit and vegetables as well as pruning tasks and deadheading.

We hope that these tools will give you some great garden gift ideas not only for Christmas, but also for the New Year and the new growing season!

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 13th December 2016

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