Bulldog BSH10FGMany Bulldog fans know about our ranges of digging and cultivation tools, but few are aware that we also supply a range of very tough and durable striking tools.

Bulldog’s striking tools are equipped with fibreglass handles and can be relied on by landscapers, builders and contractors as being among the most robust tools available. Many of these tools are suitable for heavy gardening work as the range includes sledge hammers, felling and log splitting axes, hatchets, fencing mauls and lump or club hammers all of which can be used by gardeners for their landscaping and clearing projects.

Bulldog BFA4LBFGThe tools all come with strong, cast heads which are resin bonded onto the fibreglass shafts, reducing the chance of any of the tool heads becoming loose. Fibreglass shafts are selected for their strength and abrasion resistance and unlike wood will not warp or rot even when left in very damp conditions. The shafts also have the added benefit of remaining warmer on your hands, even during the winter months of the year and their bright yellow colour will help you spot them if you drop or leave them in overgrown areas!

The range consists of the following tools:

Sledge Hammer – available in 7lb, 10lb and 14lb sizes, a very useful ‘demolition’ tool for breaking up paving stones, concrete and for driving fence posts.

Felling Axe – available in 2.5lb, 4lb and 6lb sizes, the felling axe is used for cutting down trees and should be kept sharp to chop across the grain of the wood.

Log Splitting Axe – available in 6lb size, this is the perfect tool for splitting logs into smaller more usable dimensions and the wedge shaped head is designed to cut with the grain.

Bulldog BHATCHETFGHatchet – available in 1.5lb size, the hatchet is a smaller hand axe which because of its lighter weight is used in one hand for chopping firewood for domestic use or when camping.

Fencing Maul – available in 12lb and 14lb sizes, this heavy tool has a large, flat head to avoid splitting wooden fencing posts and for driving other timber posts including gazebos, pergolas, etc.

Lump Hammer – available in 2.5lb, 3.5lb and 4lb sizes, the lump or club hammer is a very handy tool for using with a chisel to split paving stones and other hard landscaping items or even driving hardened nails into mortar for erecting garden trellis.

Bulldog BLHSFGBulldog are very proud of these tools which are suitable for both professional and amateur gardeners alike, they are particularly useful for gardeners with new, overgrown gardens as well as neglected allotment plots. With gardeners always keen to get value for money, these Bulldog striking tools perfectly combine competitive pricing with long term durability.

Please note that landscaping jobs can be dangerous and should not be undertaken without the appropriate preparation and safety equipment.

You can see all Bulldog’s range of tough striking tools on our website here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 18th October 2016

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