Springbok RakeAlthough the sun is still shining for many of us (and hopefully will continue to do so for weeks to come!), don’t forget about those jobs you will need to do in the next couple of months.

September and October can still offer some enjoyable late summer sunshine, but you will need to think about planting spring bulbs, lifting potato crops, rake up fallen leaves, scarify, aerate and top dress lawns as well as any autumn tree pruning and renovation that may be required. Preparing your tools (and yourself!) for this very busy time of year is essential if you want to make your autumn an easier experience.

There are a number of specialist tools that will help you during this time of the year including a bulb planter, dibber, potato fork, aeration fork, Springbok rake and pole pruner which will certainly make life easier for gardeners over the coming weeks.

bulb planterThe planting of spring bulbs can be back breaking work, especially if there is little or no rain to soften the ground in September and October. A Bulldog Bulb Planter is solid forged and heavy enough to penetrate even the toughest ground, removing a plug of soil which can be replaced after the bulb has been safely planted at the required depth. The bulb planter is perfect for use with larger bulbs like daffodils, tulips and alliums. Smaller bulbs like crocus and snowdrops can be planted with a Bulldog Hand Dibber which has a tapered end to puncture the soil making a hole which can be ‘treaded in’ once the bulb is planted.

To keep your lawn looking at its best, removing the old dead thatch and any moss is essential to encourage healthy growth of new grass during the following year. Although very hard work, using a Bulldog Springbok Rake to scarify your lawn will really pay off when you look out on a beautiful green carpet in the spring! The other rake you will need during these months is a leaf rake like the Bulldog Wizard to pick up all those fallen leaves from your lawns, borders, paths and driveways.

Potato ForkIf you are a keen potato grower, it is well worth investing in a Bulldog Potato Fork so that when you lift your prize winning spuds over the coming weeks you don’t pierce them with a pointed digging fork prong. The potato fork is shaped like a shovel to lift heavy loads and has nine thin prongs with rounded, ball ends to minimise any crop damage. It is also strapped for added strength and to avoid any tool distortion during heavy usage.

A pole pruner can also be a really useful tool, especially when it comes to the autumn tidy up. The Bulldog Tree Pruner has both a saw blade and a bypass lopping blade so that gardeners can remove dead or diseased limbs from trees as well as trimming them to keep them looking tidy over winter. The pole extends from 1.3m to 2.4m so reaching taller shrubs and trees is easy.

We hope that with these hints and tips you will be able to plan ahead for the coming season and maybe add to your Bulldog Tools collection. Finally, please enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 17th August 2016

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