ToolHere at Bulldog Tools we are constantly working to make the best gardening tools possible and we love to hear from customers who are using tools that they have owned for many years or even inherited from family members! But what makes a quality gardening tool and how can gardeners identify them when purchasing new items to add to their collections?

Firstly, to cover most of the jobs you will encounter in a domestic garden the following are essential: spade, fork, trowel, weeding fork, secateurs, hoe, rake, wheelbarrow and watering can, although hedge shears, loppers, edging shears and a lawn mower will also be useful depending on the size and type of garden you own.

Once you have decided on the tools you require you will want to ensure that the items selected are of the correct size and length to suit your build. Taller gardeners should choose digging and cultivation tools with longer handles to save their backs, whilst smaller gardeners may wish to use lighter tools with shorter handles.

BD3151GRN GroupWe would recommend that gardeners also consider their brand choice before deciding on which tools they wish to purchase. Picking tools from an established brand like Bulldog Tools will ensure that the tools will be built with care and to recognised quality standards and also be able to provide a warranty you can trust, just in case there are any problems after purchase.

Good tools are often costly and should be seen as a long term investment, so protection from the elements is essential to keep them functioning at their very best. Weatherproof storage and regular maintenance will mean that your tools last longer, so it is well worth keeping them dry, clean and sharp. Before storing your tools, using a little linseed oil on wooden shafts, cleaning them with a wire brush and then wiping over any metal parts with an oily rag will also help preserve them and help to reduce rusting. Quality tools can often be repaired rather than disposed of and spare nuts, bolts, blades and handles will all be available from quality manufacturers like Bulldog Tools.

Bulldog Fork GroupWhen choosing your tools, look out for superior materials – handles should be made from quality hardwoods like ash, while tool heads should be manufactured from stainless steel or solid forged for strength and cutting blades are best produced in Japanese high carbon steels like SK-5. If your tools are made from materials like these, they are likely to perform better and last longer than those made using inferior timber, plastic and steel.

Hopefully if you follow some or all of this advice and look after the quality tools you purchase, they will look after you too. Some of the tools you buy may even be good enough to be passed onto friends and relations who will also enjoy using and looking after them long into the future.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your garden and using your garden tools!

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 15th July 2016

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