Shrubbery Short HandleIf you find standard garden tools a little on the heavy side, struggle to find tools that aren’t too big or you are just looking for robust, well-made tools for working in confined spaces and raised beds then our shrubbery tools may be the perfect choice!

Forged from our own Bulldog formula manganese steel, the shrubbery range heads are flexible enough to withstand the pressures of digging without bending, but are also incredibly strong. The single forging from one piece of steel means there are no welds or weak points, resulting in durable longer lasting tools.

Bulldog Shrubbery tool heads measure just 180mm long and 140mm wide, the same size as our children’s tool heads and so are extremely manoeuvrable and useful for working in tight areas, while their narrow blades cut through the soil with ease. They are available with a choice of long straight 42″ Ash handles for added leverage and reach or shorter, standard 28″ Ash wooden ‘YD’ handles which are extremely strong and durable. Both shafts are inserted deep into the tool’s socket before being riveted into place, giving them an inherent strength and longevity even with the toughest usage. The Shrubbery tools are in no way weaker than the bigger digging and border tools in our Premier range and fully conform to British Standard which means that like our other digging tools they can take a load in excess of 200lbs – a full 50lbs over the British Standard.

Although these tools are smaller versions of our digging and border tools, they are particularly useful when cultivating and growing in raised beds. This is because the shorter overall length allows for comfortable digging even when the soil is at waist height which can often be difficult with longer, larger, heavier tools.

Shrubbery Long HandleThe Shrubbery spades are also handy for digging multiple planting holes for perennials and smaller shrubs as well as transplanting those border favourites that have grown too big for their current situation. This is because the blade is much more robust than an ordinary hand trowel which might struggle, particularly in heavier soils and a larger digging spade might disturb or even damage neighbouring plants. The Shrubbery fork with long handle is a great cultivating tool which can reach the back of borders and is very useful for digging over beds and borders to remove weeds, turn the soil and remove any lumps while the standard handled fork can be used to dig up unwanted or dead plants and to divide perennials.

As spring arrives, we will all be spending more time tending to our flower beds and vegetable patches and a set of Bulldog Shrubbery tools are the perfect investment to help you make even more of your gardens.

For more information about the Bulldog Shrubbery range, please click here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th March 2016

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