A good shovel is one of the most useful tools a gardener can ever own. Here at Bulldog Tools we know that despite the fact that garden programmes, magazines and newspapers rarely feature shovels, they are a tool that will make your life much easier!

Bulldog All Metal ShovelFor those who don’t know, the difference between a shovel and a spade is that while a spade is flat with straight sides for digging, a shovel has curved sides and a wide mouth designed to scoop and carry.

Shovels are great tools for a number of domestic and horticultural jobs. They can be used for moving gravel around drives and pathways, lifting bark chips to mulch borders and for filling play areas for kids. They can also carry and mix manure on vegetable patches, allotments and rose gardens as well as to spread compost on beds and borders. It is the perfect tool for shifting topsoil onto new gardens and to level dips and holes in the lawn. If you are considering digging a pond, stream, drainage ditch or about to lay a new path or patio you will need a shovel to excavate the large amounts of soil that will need to be removed. Finally, when we get a sudden, unexpected snowfall a shovel will be better than nothing if you don’t have a plastic snow shovel to hand (be careful though, they can be heavy and may also scratch the driveway!).

Bulldog Newcastle DrainerOur shovels are solid forged from our own special manganese steel which has just the right elements to create the strength and resilience required. After forging, the blade is then hardened and tempered to give Bulldog shovels even more durability before getting an epoxy powder paint coating which acts as a little extra protection against the elements. Finally we bend test the shovels to ensure they exceed the British standard. They are available with a choice of handle, either sturdy ash chosen for the straightness of grain, tubular steel that is both strong and durable or lightweight fibreglass which is not only tough, but will also not decay in damp conditions.

Standard taper or square mouth shovels are great for all the jobs mentioned above, but if you want to use your shovel to dig as well as carry then a round mouth shovel is the right choice as it has a pointed blade which will break the soil with greater ease. Narrow trenches and post holes and can be made with a Newcastle Draining Tool which can also be used for transplanting young trees.

Bulldog Long Handle ShovelWe also manufacture long handled shovels which are easier if you have a bad back and are popular in the West Country and Ireland as well as featuring in lots of films being used by American chain gang convicts!

To see the complete range of Bulldog Shovels, please click here and if you haven’t got a shovel in your tool shed yet, we would recommend you add one – it may be the most useful garden tool you ever own.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 15th October 2015

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