Springbok RakeWith autumn fast approaching, many of us will be using a rake of one type or another in the garden over the next few weeks. Whether collecting leaves, clearing and grading beds or renovating lawns then there’s a Bulldog rake for you!

All of our rakes fall into three distinct categories:

  • Garden rakes are equipped with short, straight, stiff tines or nail teeth which are designed for tilling the soil, breaking up big lumps of earth and sifting out and removing stones and other debris. The flat back of the rake head is perfect for levelling the soil once it has been sifted.
  • Springbok or spring tine rakes have longer, bent, slightly flexible wire tines. The tines are made with oil quenched high tensile steel and because they are made from a continuous piece of wire and riveted into place there are no weak points. Spring tine rakes are commonly confused with leaf rakes and are used for ‘scarifying’ lawns by removing any moss and dead thatch from the turf and to improve aeration and encourage new grass growth.
  • Leaf rakes often feature a ‘fan’ shape similar in design to spring tine rakes, but with thicker, flat tines (often plastic) to ensure leaves are not ‘skewered’. Leaf rakes also tend to be lighter than other rakes to aid repetitive use when clearing large quantities of fallen leaves.

Wizard RakeBulldog Wizard and Merlin rakes offer a fantastic and popular alternative to conventional leaf rakes. The unique rubber fingers cause no damage, meaning that these rakes can be used on lawns, paths, decking and driveways without marking or scratching the surface. They are also particularly useful for clearing areas of beds and borders without disturbing the roots of established planting. The Wizard lawn rake has a wide 20″ head allowing gardeners to ‘sweep’ up leaves over large areas without the tines ever becoming clogged while the smaller Merlin border rake features a narrow 10″ head which is particularly effective in confined spaces and around plants.

We use the best quality materials in all our rakes, whether the tines are made from hardened steel, flexible rubber or moulded plastic they are designed to be robust and reliable. All rakes are fitted with a sturdy shaped ash handle chosen for the straightness of its grain, a tubular steel shaft that is both strong and durable or a lightweight fibreglass handle which will not decay in damp conditions. All these handles will normally vary in length between 48″ and 72″ to ensure comfort depending on the raking task and height of the user.

We would recommend that no matter which Bulldog rake you select, you choose the right rake for the job and whatever you are doing, enjoy your autumn!

For more details of Bulldog rakes, please click here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th September 2015

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