During the Summer months, our gardens are packed full of bright and beautiful blooms in every shape, size and colour you can imagine. For some gardeners deadheading is the order of the day, ensuring that flowers continue to be produced for longer periods. However, many of us like to brighten up our homes by cutting our prized roses, delphiniums, lilies, peonies, lupins, dahlias, etc and turning them into creative arrangements to bring the outside ‘in’.

So, if your mood improves every time you catch sight of a little vase on the kitchen table filled with the floriferous fruits of your horticultural exertions, then here at Bulldog Tools we have the tools to help!

For many years the only tools available for flower arrangers were a stout pair of secateurs and some sharp kitchen scissors, but over the years we have developed tools more suited to the tough, but often delicate and even intricate requirements of flower arranging.

The Bulldog Premier angled and straight trimming shears combine the durability of secateurs with the accuracy of needlework scissors. These shears are equipped with soft touch grips on the handles to ensure comfort and are designed not to slip or turn in the hand, even when wet. Both models also feature an easy to use ‘flip lock’ at the end of the handles which means they don’t require a lot of hand strength to open, are suitable for both right and left handed users and the blades can’t lock  accidentally during use.

These shears have blades that are made from Japanese SK-5 high carbon steel, a hard type of steel that makes them perfect for high quality blades and tools achieving the perfect balance between blade toughness and an excellent edge-holding ability.

We would also recommend our ever popular mini pruners for flower arranging. Available individually or in sets (including pink!) they feature straight blades for careful and precise work or bypass blades suitable for heavier tasks like cutting roses and finishing bunched stems. Both of these mini pruners have sharp stainless steel blades, soft easy grip handles and a simple to use thumb operated side lock.

Most flower arrangements benefit from some added foliage as well as the flowers themselves. Look for foliage in a contrasting colour, with an interesting shape or structure and importantly with a narrow stem as this will be easier to use in your arrangement. Commonly grown plants like viburnum, pittosporum, eucalyptus, ivy and euphorbia are always good performers and long grasses and seed heads can also add to the ‘natural look’ of your finished arrangement.

In our experience your pruners will last longer if you keep them clean and sharp, always remembering to wipe the blades after use and occasionally using a sharpening stone to preserve a good edge on the blades. You are also much less likely to damage stems by tearing them if you keep the blades sharp and well set.

You can see the entire range of Bulldog Premier cutting tools here: www.bulldogtools.co.uk/products/gardening/cutting-tools/premier/


Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 15th June 2015

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