Each December the office at Bulldog Tools receives dozens of enquiries from both novice and expert gardeners asking about good Christmas gifts for their gardening friends and relations.

We therefore thought that this year we would use the December post to list some of our favourite tools that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any gardener on Christmas Day.

1. Mini Pink Pruning Set

This is one of Bulldog’s all-time most popular gifts! The set features two mini pruners, one pair of straight blade shears for dead-heading, trimming house plants and for cut flower arranging and the other a pair of bypass shears suitable for cutting back foliage and harvesting fruit and vegetables. Both pruners feature lockable stainless steel blades and soft easy grip handles and they come ready boxed as a gift.

2. Rabbiting Spade

You may not have ever seen a rabbiting spade before, but we defy any gardener not to love this all-round digging tool! The solid forged, dish shaped, narrow head is perfect for digging planting holes, making furrows and drainage ditches, digging post holes and turning over and digging soil close to existing plants. The rabbiting spade is fitted with a strong Ash ‘T’ or ‘YD’ shaped handle that will get better and better with age.

3. Wizard Rake

There’s definitely something magical about the Bulldog Wizard Rake! This rake features special soft flexible tines that make them the ideal combination of a rake and a brush. Gardeners use them to ‘sweep up’ leaves on flower beds, vegetable patches, decking, patios, paths and driveways without damaging the surface. The wide 20″ head makes any raking task seem easy and the long straight 54″ ash handle gives extra reach.

4. Ratchet Loppers

The perfect tool for those of us who aren’t quite as strong as we used to be! These loppers use a simple ratchet mechanism to cut through thick branches easily and are fitted with extendable handles for extra reach which work on a fixed point locking system to hold them securely in place. The cutting blade is coated to reduce corrosion and the handles have comfortable soft touch grips for prolonged use.

5. Shrubbery Spade and Fork

This pair proves that the best things come in small packages! The Bulldog Shrubbery Spade and Fork combine the strength of a solid forged tool with the manoeuvrability of a hand tool. The smaller heads make them great tools for digging planting holes, using in raised beds, forking in compost between existing plantings, getting into tight corners and are also perfect for smaller gardeners. The heads measure 180mm by 140mm and are fitted with strong ash ‘YD’ handles.

6. Clarice Flower Hoe

A very tough little hoe that the big weeds really hate! The Clarice Flower hoe has a small triangular steel head which works on a push/pull action and is miniature enough to remove weeds from around seedlings and individual stems. Particularly useful for hoeing between vegetables on the allotment and making seed drills, this hoe’s narrow head measures just 75mm (3″) wide and is fitted with a long straight 54″ ash handle.

We hope that this list gives you some inspiration for choosing the perfect Christmas gift for the gardener in your life.

As ever, information regarding these Bulldog tools as well as many, many more is available with stockist’s details on our website: www.bulldogtools.co.uk

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 14th December 2014

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