Summer pruning and deadheading is a repetitive job that can become difficult if you don’t use sharp secateurs or shears for the task. However, it is something we need to do to ensure that plants and shrubs continue to flower all season long and will add healthy new growth next year. Many gardeners also use the floriferous Summer months to arrange cut flowers in their homes and a good pair of sharp secateurs are essential for this.

Bulldog Tools have always selected quality secateurs that complement our range of tough British made digging and cultivating tools and that are available in sizes to suit both male and female gardeners. Comfort is one of our biggest priorities and so selecting the right size secateurs is essential if you are going to be pruning for long periods of time – using secateurs that are too large or small for your hand size can cause finger, hand, wrist or even shoulder pain.

The soft touch grips on the handles add to the feeling of comfort during pruning and avoid the shears slipping or turning in the hand, even when wet.

Our Premier secateur blades are made from Japanese SK-5 high carbon steel, a hard steel (Rockwell scale 65) that makes it perfect for high quality blades and tools. SK-5 high carbon steel is made with 0.60% to 0.90% manganese and with the carbon increases abrasion resistance and permits the steel to achieve a perfect balance of very good blade toughness and excellent edge holding ability.

As well as the ever popular bypass shears our Premier range of secateurs also includes anvil shears, ratchet secateurs and both angled and straight cut pointed trimming shears. All models include a simple ‘flip lock’ at the end of the handle which means they are perfect for right and left handers, the blades won’t accidently lock during use and don’t require a lot of hand strength to open. Most of the shears can be used for any type of regular pruning, but we recommend that when cutting green wood gardeners use the bypass secateurs, when cutting dry or dead wood anvil secateurs are used, for thicker stems and branches or if your hand strength is limited we would suggest you try our ratchet pruners and finally for deadheading and flower arranging customers use the angled and straight cut trimming secateurs.

Finally, it is worth noting that in our experience Bulldog Premier secateurs very rarely fail, but if they do it is usually because the customer has been over zealous and tried to prune a larger branch than recommended – this can lead not only to a failure of the shears, but also to some hand and wrist pain! We would therefore suggest that if working with a large shrub or hedge you keep a pair for our loppers close by, just in case you need to cut through a thicker stem.

You can see the entire range of Bulldog Premier cutting tools here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th July 2014

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