Over the 230 years that Bulldog Tools have been in business, our garden tools have become synonymous with the highest standards of quality. We know that gardeners require tough tools that will last for years and are functional as well as durable.

Our partners in the USA, Mechanix Wear manufacture their products with very similar ideals and so we were very excited when they launched a new range of gardening gloves this year, designed specifically for women.

Three years ago the Rollins Group became distributors of Ethel Gloves here in the UK. These gloves were also made by Mechanix for ladies and they quickly became one of the bestselling gardening gloves in the UK.

Mechanix have now replaced the Ethel brand with a new range, branded with their own name and available in three great new styles:

1. Padded Palm Glove – a tough but comfortable glove with great ‘feel’ for delicate jobs.

2. Material 4X – the most durable glove, perfect for the toughest tasks around the garden.

3. Leather – a soft and supple genuine hide glove with the ultimate combination of comfort and wear.

All three of the gardening gloves are extremely tough, made just for women and designed to give a perfect fit, keep hands protected and still look great. We are sure that just like Bulldog Tools, customers won’t want to go into the garden without them!

To help make life a little easier for customers, the gloves are made from breathable materials to keep hands dry and are fully machine washable. They are cut to an anatomical design to suit the contours of women’s hands with form fitting backs to ensure they remain comfortable all day. The fingertips are reinforced to protect nails – even when weeding and seams are double stitched to prevent splits or tears in the fabric. To avoid getting soil on clothing, they have high cuffs which are elasticated making the gloves easy to pull on and take off. As a new feature, the gloves also feature padded palms which reduce impact and friction injuries – even over prolonged periods of digging or weeding.

We will be launching these unique new gloves at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show where they will feature alongside our popular Bulldog Tools ranges. The 2014 show will include a Pavilion exhibit commemorating the commencement of World War 1 and Raymond Evison will launch a number of new Clematis to celebrate his 25th Gold medal. The show runs from May 20th until 24th and if you want to book tickets, information can be found here.

To see the current range of Mechanix Gloves available in the UK you can visit our parent company website here.

And remember, Mechanix Gloves love your hands as much as you do.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 14th February 2014

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