In 1951 Sir Hugh Beaver, Chairman of the Guinness Brewery came up with the idea of a reference book featuring the world’s best. The first edition of the Guinness Book of Records was published in August 1955 and in 1999 they broke a world record of their own by printing 2,402,000 copies of their Millennium Edition – the largest single print run of a case bound book in colour.

Bulldog Tools first won the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Garden Spade’ in 2010 when we built a 3.6 metre tall spade weighing 180kg to celebrate our 230 year anniversary. We are delighted to announce that last year we manufactured an even larger spade (measuring an impressive 4.5 metres) in our Wigan factory and once again have been awarded the Guinness World Record.

To be awarded the World Record, the spade not only has to be the largest spade in the world, but must also be a proportionally accurate version of an existing spade. For our record breaking spade we used our Bulldog All Metal Digging Spade as the model. We manufactured the blade from a 6mm piece of sheet steel, laser cutting it to the correct size and then rolling it to achieve the curve of the original spade.

The shank between the blade and the handle was constructed using a single piece of steel, shaped using CNC grinding machines to provide the correct angle of attachment for the handle. The shaft itself was made from tubular steel and the plastic handle was made from ABS plastic, using 3D technology. With all the parts ready, the blade and shank were welded together and then the joint was ground and finished before the whole spade was powder coated by hand sprayer before being put in the oven to harden.

Having completed our amazing new spade, we then had to contact judges from Guinness World Records in London to validate the dimensions. After a long and nervous wait, last week we were delighted to receive our official certificate (pictured here) confirming that our Bulldog spade holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Garden Spade.

Here at Bulldog Tools we recognise and share the values of Guinness World Records for integrity, respect and inclusiveness. We would therefore like to thank all our staff at Bulldog Tools in Wigan for their hard work in completing this ambitious project.

If you would like to see the world’s biggest spade, you will be able to see it at selected venues around the country. For more details, just follow this blog or email us at:

You can see the official Guinness World Record here and for more information about our previous world record spade, please click here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 14th January 2014

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