Autumn is the month when gardeners around the country not only tidy up before Winter, but also plant out their bulbs ready for Spring the following year.

Bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus and Hyacinths can offer much needed early Spring colour in the garden at a time when it is most needed and the sight of these plants bursting into flower can banish even the harshest Winters from memory.

If you have a lot of bulbs to plant this Autumn we would recommend that you consider purchasing one of our long handled bulb planters. These tools have a 3″ diameter blade that cuts a clean core down to 5″ in depth even in tough soils due to the tool’s treads. The blade then removes the soil ready to plant the bulb. The socket and blade are forged from one piece of manganese steel making these tools exceptionally strong while the traditional Ash ‘T’ handle is securely fitted deep into the socket to increase durability.

We are not the only people who recommend our solid forged, British made bulb planter which recently featured in the Daily Telegraph Gardening section who described the Bulldog Bulb Planter as ‘ideal’ and continued ‘This long-handled tool is designed for the job. Hand-forged in Britain from one piece of steel, the treaded blade allows for the easy removal of soil plugs, even in compacted soil.’ The tool was also tested by Tamsin Westhorpe in The English Garden magazine’s Editor’s Choice feature this month, with Tamsin commenting that the bulb planter would last a lifetime and added ‘there are no weak points, which is a benefit’, finally she mentioned that it was her husband’s favourite!

The RHS suggest that you measure your bulbs from base to tip before planting and then double or triple this length to give a rough planting depth. This means that with a 5″ blade, the Bulldog Bulb Planter can easily reach the depth required to plant most garden bulbs.

If you are planting smaller bulbs like Bluebells, Snowdrops or Fritillaries you can use our Bulldog Dibber which has a tapered point to punch small planting holes in the soil. Once again this tool is fitted with a traditional Ash ‘T’ handle and measures 10″ in length. The dibber is also a very useful tool for making seed drills and transplanting young vegetable plants.

The RHS garden at Wisley, Kew Gardens in London, Pashley Manor in East Sussex, Harewood House in Leeds and Keukenhof in the Netherlands all have great displays of Spring bulbs and are well worth visiting, with Keukenhof famously featuring more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths planted in 80 acres of gardens.

You can see the Bulldog Bulb Planter here and the Bulldog Dibber here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 15th October 2013

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