The British lawn is a gardening phenomenon that is admired and envied all over the world. Almost nothing symbolises the English garden more than a neatly striped green summer lawn and here at Bulldog Tools we recognise that.

Previously on this blog we have talked about autumn lawn care and how hard work in October and November can improve the look of your lawn, but Bulldog also manufacture tools that can help keep your lawn looking smart during the summer months.

Giving your lawn a straight edge next to paths, driveways, beds, borders and vegetable plots can improve the look of your whole garden and this effect can be easily achieved with two of Bulldog’s most popular garden tools.

The Bulldog Edging Knife is sometimes referred to as an edging iron, garden edger or ‘half-moon’ edger and must be one of the simplest garden tools to use.  All you need to do is just place the edging knife on the line of the turf you wish to cut and push down hard with either foot. It is the perfect tool to use when rejuvenating a very overgrown garden or making a new vegetable patch or flower border in an existing lawn and also works effectively in the narrow gap between a path and the lawn. Some Bulldog edging knives along with many of our other digging tools utilise a tread on the top of the blade which is designed to avoid damage to your boots. We can supply edging knives with either a traditional ‘T’ handle which is easy to push down hard on, or a ‘YD’ handle like a spade or fork. Bulldog Tools also still manufacture a tough solid forged edging knife with an Ash ‘T’ handle that will give the owner years of smart edges and was awarded ‘Best Steel Edger’ by Garden News magazine this week (June 8th 2013).

Bulldog’s Edging Shears cut all the grass that lawn mowers don’t reach and can give a crisp, neat finish to your lawn. With long, light tubular steel shafts, you also won’t need to break your back when using our edging shears as they are comfortable to use in a standing position. We heat treat our blades to ensure they remain sharper for longer and they can also be adjusted to give a perfect cut every time. Bulldog shears are manufactured to give an accurate cut every time and make light work of even the longest borders. When using your edging shears, please try hard just to cut the grass and not the soil as soil particles will quickly cause the blades to blunt.

If you use Bulldog Tools and follow these easy instructions, your garden will soon look like the Centre Court at Wimbledon and be the envy of all your neighbours!

You can see our range of edging tools here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 13th June 2013

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