The cold weather in the UK has delayed many gardeners’ annual pruning routines with experts reporting that the growing season is 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule.

This has meant that gardeners have had a little longer than usual to complete their spring pruning tasks. We would add that it is much easier to prune trees and shrubs before they come into leaf as the lack of foliage allows gardeners to see the shape of the tree and the direction of branches much more easily.

Bulldog Tools offer a variety of saws to help with tough pruning jobs to ensure gardeners always have the right Bulldog tool for the job. Our range of saws includes an extendable pole saw for high branches, a pruning saw for working on reachable trees and shrubs and traditional bowsaws for cutting larger branches and logs.

The Bulldog Telescopic Tree Pruner has an aluminium pole which is strong, light and extends from 1.3m to 2.4m high using a twist and turn mechanism to lock into position. The pruner head itself features a blued steel bypass cutting shear which is operated by a pulley system and an interchangeable 80 tooth, 300mm saw blade for removing larger branches. The bypass cutting shear allows for neat, precise pruning of fruit and ornamental trees, while the saw blade removes the branches of larger trees quickly and easily.

Our Bulldog Pruning Saw cuts quickly and easily through both green and dry/dead wood and because of the ‘soft touch’ handle is comfortable to use over prolonged periods. The 300mm stainless steel blade has 80 teeth and was recently listed as a ‘Best Buy’ by Garden News magazine and testers at The Telegraph newspaper described it as ‘excellent’. The blade is also interchangeable with the tree pruner blade to offer customers better value when purchasing replacements.

Bulldog Bowsaws are available in 21″, 24″ and 30″ lengths ensuring they can be used even with very large logs and branches. Each saw is supplied with both a blade for green wood and a blade for dry/dead wood and the blade locking device keeps the blade straight and secure whilst in use. Our bowsaws are made of tubular steel which reduces twisting in the frame and there is a finger guard to protect the user’s hands when sawing.

As part of Bulldog’s commitment to sustainable manufacture and design, replacement blades are reasonably priced, readily available and easy to change so that gardeners can continue to use our saws year after year.

With warmer weather having arrived in much of the UK this week, now is the perfect time to remove those broken branches, reshape that wild looking ornamental or renovate that overgrown fruit tree before they become disguised by new leaves.

To see details of the whole cutting tools range from Bulldog Tools, please click here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th April 2013

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