Bulldog’s fibreglass tools have long been relied upon by contractors from around the world as being the most robust available. Now gardeners and landscapers can also purchase these super strong tools from our new range which is specifically designed for the toughest demands of hard landscaping tasks.

All the UK made, solid forged tools undergo our special heat treating process which reduces the risk of the tool blade bending or breaking, yet allows it to be flexible enough to absorb all the shocks and pressures that come with hard landscaping jobs. The Polyfibreglass shafts are very strong, abrasion resistant, about 30% stronger than metal and do not warp, rot or rust even in extremely damp conditions. They consist of a solid fibreglass core with tensioned fibres for extra strength and a durable Polyfibreglass sleeve. The shafts are all bonded securely into the socket of the tool blade and remain warm even during the coldest months of the year.

With the economy still slow in much of the UK, Bulldog Tools believe that these tools will be popular amongst homeowners wishing to improve their properties as well as professional gardeners who want to undertake more hard landscaping work. The tools are also perfectly suited for clearing gardens and allotments quickly and safely.

The new range includes a number of shovels, spades, forks, pickaxes, sledge hammers, mauls, club hammers, axes, a post hole digger and post hole driver all made to Bulldog’s high standards of manufacture.  They are perfect for doing all those tough landscaping jobs and are particularly suited for use in paving and patios, fencing, putting up sheds, pergolas, arches and gazebos, site clearance, tree root removal, log splitting and chopping, laying gravel and much more. All the tools are easy to spot once you put them down even in very muddy conditions because of their distinctive yellow handles.

Although many of these landscaping jobs can be challenging and should not be undertaken without the appropriate safety equipment, using Bulldog Tools can make jobs like removing tree stumps or erecting fencing much easier.

The range is being launched at this year’s Garden Media Guild Press Event at London’s Barbican Exhibition Centre on Thursday 14th February which is the premier show for journalists working in horticulture, gardening and landscape design.

You can see all Bulldog’s range of tough landscaping tools on our website here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 13th February 2013

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