Over the last few days the British weather has given us a chilly reminder about how cold our winters can be and with more snow due in the coming days we thought now would be the perfect time to write about snow shovels.

For more than 230 years, Bulldog Tools have become famous for manufacturing strong, quality shovels for a variety of demanding working environments. However, our snow shovels need to be particularly reliable because they are only ever used when the very worst winter weather has arrived. As with all Bulldog shovels, our snow shovel is made with pride at our factory in Wigan to the highest standards.

A snow shovel needs to be strong but light, and so Bulldog use an FSC certified Ash shaft for strength and a heavy duty plastic head which is ribbed to ensure that it doesn’t distort when holding large amounts of heavy snow. The shaft is longer than normal, measuring 42″ to give extra leverage and reduce back strain, while the plastic D grip is comfortable to hold even in very low temperatures, unlike metal handles. The front edge of the head is also equipped with a handy metal strip, designed to allow the user to chip away at ice and compacted snow.

The Bulldog snow shovel is wide enough to clear your path, drive or the pavement outside your home quickly and efficiently. Unlike steel shovels, our heavy duty plastic head will not scratch or mark the tarmac, brickwork or concrete of the area you are clearing and because the handle fits deep into the head, lifting large shovelfuls of snow will not damage the shovel.

Please ensure that you take real care when clearing your driveway or paths as surfaces below the snow can be extremely slippery, especially if there has been a thaw and temperatures have then dropped below freezing.

When the weather is bad we would recommend that you take your Bulldog shovel with you in the boot of your car, particularly if you are visiting a rural area where road clearing might be inconsistent and having a shovel in the car will ensure you can dig yourself out of trouble if you get stuck!

Finally, unlike many others on the market our snow shovel comes fully assembled and ready to use because we know that having to put tools together is difficult and time consuming.

You can see our British made Bulldog Snow Shovel here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 15th January 2013

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