Do you ever look wistfully at the grass courts of Wimbledon or the manicured greens and fairways of Augusta and wish that your own lawn looked better?

If you want to improve the quality and look of your lawn, then you need to start work now with two very important jobs that will make all the difference next year.

Scarifying and aerating in the Autumn ensure that when Spring arrives your lawn will be ready to put on healthy new growth and fortunately the jobs are best achieved with two of Bulldog’s most popular tools.

The Bulldog Premier Springbok Rake is the perfect tool for scarifying your lawn. The oil quenched high tensile steel tines are very strong but slightly flexible making them extremely hard to break. Each of the tines is made from one piece of wire with no joints or crimps and is set at an angle to ensure they are very effective during use. Scarifying is designed to remove the build-up of thatch (dead grass) and lateral stems which restrict light and air penetration. This lack of light and air encourages moss and weeds to encroach on your precious turf and their removal will promote the production of new grass shoots. To scarify your lawn effectively, rake the surface once in one direction and then for best results repeat, raking in a completely different direction to ensure all of the thatch is removed. You will be amazed about how much thatch, moss and weeds this process extracts from your lawn.

The Bulldog Premier Spiking Fork is designed for easy lawn aeration. It is equipped with short, solid forged, pointed prongs, a barrel ‘T’ handle for a good double handed grip and treads to make it easier to push into the turf and save your boots. Aerating your lawn improves water and oxygen penetration to the root zone, while also allowing carbon dioxide out of the soil. This process will also allow your lawn to cope better in times of high rainfall and in times of drought. To aerate the lawn, simply push the spiking fork into the lawn at 6″ intervals to a depth of 4″ to 6″ which will ensure the root zone is reached. This is a repetitive, but satisfying job that will stimulate and encourage future root growth.

After you have performed these tasks, if desired you can add a topdressing. We recommend a mix of 60% sharp sand, 30% loam and 10% compost which will guarantee an additional improvement to your lawn.

And as these processes are repeated over the coming years, your lawn will start to resemble those sporting surfaces you initially coveted.

The Bulldog Premier Springbok Rake can be seen here and the Bulldog Premier Spiking Fork here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 14th October 2012

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