Over the last few weeks, Britain has enjoyed two of the most spectacular celebrations ever seen on these shores. In June, to great pomp and ceremony, the country celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and then at the end of July, to international acclaim and domestic pride, we welcomed the Olympic family to our capital.

At Bulldog Tools we have always been proud of our British heritage, manufacturing proudly here in Wigan at Clarington Forge since 1780. We believe our tools have helped to shape the nation; our shovels have built its roads and railways, our spades and forks have dug its parks and gardens and our cutting tools have formed its fields and hedges.

Because of the excitement and pride that these two very special events have created we have been working with our colleagues at Quality Garden Tools to make a Special Edition Union Flag Bulldog Spade & Fork Set as a celebration of not only all things British, but also of our British tool manufacturing industry during this special year for the UK.

Both the Special Edition Spade & Fork are forged by hand in Wigan at our UK factory from one single piece of steel and then heated, allowing the tool heads to be shaped and to give them added strength. The wooden ‘YD’ style handle is made from the very best quality FSC certified Ash and is split and steamed into shape using traditional methods. This combination of ash and steel makes an exceptionally strong tool that is built to last.

The ‘Union Jack’ Flag design was hand painted by great British craftsman, Rob Wagg who is a traditional sign writer from The Potteries. Rob’s work is of the highest standard and can be seen gracing narrowboats, vintage and modern vehicles and shop signs around the country.

The Special Edition is limited to only 10 sets and is available exclusively from Quality Garden Tools. Each set comprises a fork and a spade, proudly carrying the Union Flag and testament to British manufacturing excellence – everything, including the labels were designed and manufactured here in the UK.

We hope that this Summer’s special events will continue to inspire the country to celebrate British success; whether at the Olympics, in support of our Queen, or for the high standards achieved by British manufacturers – let’s be proud of the red, white and blue!

You can see the Union Flag Special Edition Spade & Fork Set here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 14th August 2012

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