When you have decided which Bulldog tool is right for you, there is one last decision to make before purchase – which type of handle?

Bulldog Tools only utilise the strongest, most reliable materials in their handles. Each handle has its own unique qualities, but most tools are available with handles made from ‘A grade’ European Ash, tubular steel, fibreglass or poly fibreglass. Customers also have the choice of long or short handles, as well as ‘YD’, ‘T’ or long plain grips for digging tools.

Handle choice might be determined by comfort, strength or even protection from the elements, but whichever handle you choose you can be certain that Bulldog Tools continue to only fit the very best.

Ash shafts remain the most popular choice for Bulldog’s horticultural customers with timber selected for straightness of grain and then varnished or waxed for protection from the elements. Because the timber is specially chosen for its strength and then stored in ideal conditions before fitting to the tool head, our Ash shafts are particularly reliable. We also use FSC certified hardwood in our handles, so customers can be assured that they come from socially and environmentally responsible forestry. Bulldog spades, shovels and forks are particularly recognised because of our traditional steamed split ‘YD’ handles, which are made from one piece of ‘A grade’ Ash.

Tubular steel shafts are particularly popular with contractors in the construction industry and also landscapers. These shafts are about 20% stronger than Ash and will not warp or rot, even in the wettest conditions. Spades, forks and shovels normally have metal ‘YD’ handles fitted with a wooden grip, whilst edgers, compost and manure forks are fitted with a plastic ‘T’ or long plain handle like rakes and hoes.

Poly fibreglass shafts have a solid fibreglass core with tensioned fibres for strength with an abrasion resistant, hardwearing polypropylene sleeve. These shafts are about 30% stronger than metal and do not warp, rot or rust even in extremely damp conditions. Whilst we do not supply long handled tools like hoes and rakes with these shafts, shovels, spades and forks are available and are fitted with a polypropylene ‘YD’ handle and grip.

A solid fibreglass shaft is the very strongest handle available. At Bulldog Tools we use a virtually unbreakable fibreglass shaft that will not warp, rot or rust and is approximately 20% stronger than other fibreglass handles on the market. Although this material is relatively expensive, it has excellent electrical insulation properties and so is popular with contractors and landscapers working near power sources. Long handles are also available for hoes and rakes which are particularly strong, but also very lightweight and comfortable to use over prolonged periods in the garden.

Whichever handle you decide upon, as a customer you can be sure that your Bulldog Tool will have been tested and retested over a number of years to ensure that it is not only strong, but also comfortable to guarantee a long and useful life.

You can see how our split ‘YD’ handles are made here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th July 2012

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