We have stocked Bulldog tools for 3 years now and our customers really appreciate the quality. We have regular contracting customers who buy Bulldog because the tools take the work they throw at them. Sensible price and fantastic value for money, these tools seem to last for ever.

Owned By AC Nurden we have a background in building and construction, so when we where choosing a range of Garden tools to stock we relied heavily on our construction and agricultural experience.

In my 20 years in the trade I have found quality counts, there is nothing worse than breaking a spade halfway through a job and having to tramp back to the shed for another one or down tools to buy a replacement. So we went with Bulldog tools, a British made brand and we have increased the range to suit our customers needs, we have no complaint and neither do our customers!

Posted in Stockist of the Month By Stuart Elsom On 30th May 2012

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