Over the years Bulldog Tools have manufactured dozens of different spades for diverse uses within the landscape and construction industries. Often these spades will be only very slight adjustments to the design of an existing product, for example a longer handle, a different hand grip, a narrower tool head or even a new colour for a specific client. Sometimes, however a spade we manufacture for one job becomes a useful tool for an entirely different trade or industry – and such is the case with the Bulldog Rabbiting Spade.

Originally designed for digging dogs or ferrets out of narrow or collapsed burrows whilst rabbit hunting, the spade has become an essential tool for serious gardeners and landscapers. With its curved, narrow blade the rabbiting spade enables the gardener to dig an accurate, rounded and deep planting hole without disturbing any of the roots of established plants close by. The thick FSC Ash handle and solid forged construction makes it a very strong tool for levering up and lifting existing shrubs for transplanting elsewhere. When renovating old fence posts or putting in new fencing, the narrow, curved head is perfect for digging deep, slender holes for new fence posts.

Like all our solid forged spades, the Bulldog Rabbiting Spade is manufactured in our UK factory in Wigan, heated to 1,100 degrees before our craftsmen mould it into shape and therefore is extremely strong with a long socket that reduces the chances of snapping the handle during use.

And whilst the rabbiting spade has very humble origins as a ‘poacher’s friend’, it continues to surprise us with its versatility! Last month the US version (branded Clarington Forge) was included in a photo shoot for The Wall Street Journal by Marian McEvoy, the former editor of Elle Décor and House Beautiful magazines. You are very welcome to see the original article here.

So if you looking for a great spade for planting, transplanting, fence post digging or even rabbit hunting we would recommend you purchase the Bulldog Rabbiting spade, available with or without boot saving treads, with a 28” ‘T’ or YD handle or in a shorter 26” ‘T’ handled version.

To see the full range of Bulldog Rabbiting Spades, please click here: www.bulldogtools.co.uk/search/?q=rabbiting

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 17th April 2012

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