We are giving 500 sets of Junior garden tools, consisting of a Rake and a Hoe, in total worth £10,000, as part of our Tools for Schools initiative in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening.

The Campaign teaches pupils about plants and gardening, while providing resources to help teachers make the most of their school garden to teach the National Curriculum outdoors and inspire their pupils to live greener lifestyles.

Register on-line at www.rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening

We will reward schools who reach RHS benchmark 2 with a free Rake & Hoe from the children’s gardening range worth up to £20. Schools will also be able to claim a 30% discount off the junior Spade & Fork to complete the set.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 12th October 2011

Wow we really worked hard to get to level two and the children are enjoying every step.

Denise Heys Specialist Gardening teacher posted on 17th July 2013

We are delighted that the we are able to help develop an interest in gardening with these young children. As a manufacturer based in the UK we like to feel that we are helping to put something back into the community.

Stuart Elsom posted on 27th January 2012

We are so pleased at the way in which the children have grasped the concept of growing to eat. We even have a pupil garden manager! They will be pleased that level two has been achieved. Thank you for this!

Natalie Wood posted on 26th January 2012

The school have completed level 2 and are really enjoying getting outside and learning about the plants, soil and tools. The chance to win these tools is great and really encouraging.
Thank you.

Emma Bowden posted on 23rd January 2012

Brilliant news, the school has just completed benchmark level 2 and what a reward, the children will be over the moon. Thank You

KEN MURRELL posted on 25th October 2011

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