The yard at Stonebarn Landscapes is now full of timber frames, granite setts and the steel roof for the forge. Rows and rows of plants are potted up and waiting.

As Jon Wheatley, our designer along with Mary Payne, took me on the tour of the flowers and vegetables, he explained why he was so pleased with the quality of the plants.

“This years planting has been one of the hardest yet. The cold weather over Christmas caused the first challenge, getting the seedlings to move in the right direction, but now with the recent hot spell we have had to try and slow things down! Despite this I am delighted with the plants and vegetables that we have grown, they will be perfect for a Chelsea Finish.”

Jon and Mary have designed the garden in four main areas.

Towards the front will be a range of vegetables from French Beans to Cauliflowers. To the right there is a clinker garden featuring a Victorian bellows and full of Alchemilla, Alliums Dianella, ‘Cassa Blue’. To the left will be the Blacksmith’s delight: Dahlia’s, Alloum, Hosta, Iris and Delphinium’s. At the back there is a wild garden with Geraniums, Rocket, Strawberrys and Gooseberrys.

We hope to see you there! You can keep up with our progress by: following us on Twitter, reading our blog, and the new RHS Chelsea iPhone app (available from the iTunes store).

Posted in Chelsea 2011, Exhibitions By Ed White On 11th May 2011

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