Here’s James Wheatley working hard to complete the area towards the back of the forge. Creating a ‘wild’ look in a feature garden is a big challenge, but we think he’s doing a great job.

Lynn was delighted to see her delphiniums arrive as she grew these from root stock herself. They are the taller plants you can see in the photo below and as you can see they provide both depth and colour. Our ‘Bulldog Dahlia’ gives a splash of yellow, whilst hosta’s add varying shades of green.

Mary and Lorraine have been planting the clinker garden, carefully adding clinker to the bed. The old Victorian bellows now look like they have been there for years. This section is very different from any of the other gardens I have seen here, with the clinker and forge steel shavings in real contrast to the flowers.

Terry has  worked extremely hard today, and you can see the results of his work below, with leeks, beans, cabbages and Pak Choi all planted in neat rows.

The Bulldog Forge Garden is nearing completion, but there are now only two full days left!

Keep checking back for daily updates or visit for pictures and more.

Posted in Chelsea 2011, Exhibitions By Ed White On 21st May 2011

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