In our first video we met Terry Porter, one of our master growers. It was shortly after he had planted the leeks and onions for our garden and we learned about his techniques to encourage early growth.

Following our trip to Penzance, we visited Terry again to see how things were going/growing. To our delight his greenhouse was almost full to the brim. The leeks and onions are now a good size, and it helped to show us what extra light and warmth can do to help plants grow more quickly. Alongside the leeks and onions are now carrots, beetroots and a smattering of oriental vegetables.

In the video Terry tells us some more tricks of the trade. For example, one of the things he does to keep veg warm is to use loft insulation to cover the seeds from all angles. The insulation gives the seeds the necessary heat for them to germinate into seedlings. This is something you could try out at home; loft insulation is relatively cheap and it helps to cut to cut the heating bill!

We then visited the company Jon’s Stonebarn Landscapes. Here we made a large-scale map of the garden to help us get the planting levels correct and be able to appreciate how visitors will one day (soon!) see it.

The map shows the planting area, path and how the forge will be positioned. It was only when we marked the garden out like this that we realised just how large a project it is. The garden is 100 square metres and will need at least 11 inches of top soil to cover it. Now if only we could get hold of some good quality spades…
The next episode, in mid-April, will look at the building of the forge.

Ed White

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Posted in Chelsea 2011, Exhibitions By Ed White On 4th April 2011

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