I apologise for the delay in my most recent update. I have been at the show everyday and away from my computer. A lot has changed since my first blog on Hampton Court. Most noticeable is the introduction of a variety of new plants.

Unlike with the Maize the planting in the garden has been done without pots – this is to help the intake of water as we are expecting a hot week at the show next week.

Above: Jon Wheatley works hard digging a trench.

As you can see in the above photo large trenches are dug for the planting. We have used the original hampton court soil, although it has required a lot of rotivating and forking over. However Some of the vegetables will be planted in compost as they require the nutrients from the new soil.

Above: After shot, the first row of planting goes in.

Above: Steve, flown in from New Zealand, turns soil over ready for planting whilst digging a trench.

Above: The veg is planted.

As you can see the garden is really coming to life. More photos and blogs to come over the next few days.

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Enjoy the sunshine!

Posted in Exhibitions By Ed White On 2nd July 2010

How do they get those vegetables in such straight rows? The garden is going to look great. I am going to the show on Tuesday and will give the garden a visit. Jerry x

JERRY posted on 5th July 2010

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