As I continue my series into the build of Hampton Court we focus on different areas of the build. The first thing that struck me as I went on to site on Friday was the sheer scale of the garden, although I had seen the plans on paper, it wasn’t till I stood at one end peering through the sunflowers, maize, past the large polytunnel, down to the barn that I realise how big a task this garden was.

In this blog i wanted to show you the scale of the planting in the ‘Fields of Gold’ half of the garden. This half designed by Gilian van der Meer, showcases farming within the UK. The design of the whole ‘Home Grown’ feature is to show you how the farming industry operates and as you walk down into the ‘market garden’ show you how you can do this at home.

Below you can see the mass of sunflowers which greet you as you enter the garden and the scale of the task of planting over 250 maize crops.

Above: One of the three sunflower fields that greet you as you enter the garden.

Above: The human maize chain, each maize crop is passed along the chain and lined up to ensure correct position and neat rows.
Above: James Wheatley lines the maize up into rows.

Above: James Wheatley takes a break, leaning on his Bulldog West Country shovel.

Above and Below: The team bury the maize crop

Once planted the maize, along with the rest of the garden, will require constant watering as the Hampton Court soil is very dry and dusty. Mary Payne explains that she feels like she ‘never puts down the hose’ during build up week as she constantly waters the garden.

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Posted in Exhibitions By Ed White On 27th June 2010

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