We are giving away 3 pairs of National Trust day passes to celebrate the launch of our new National Trust range of tools.

To enter, simply read the following and write the answer as a comment.

“Bulldog Tools, based in Wigan, has manufactured spades and forks of outstanding quality for 230 years.
Using skilled craftsman with generations of experience, Bulldog Tools has maintained its ability to create products to the highest standards.

The Bulldog Tools factory is the only full-time working forge still making spades and forks within the UK, producing over 200 garden and contractors’ tools every day. Bulldog Tools is very proud to be British.
Bulldog has worked with the National Trust to create a highly individual range of garden tools; with English style and English manufacturing, these are tools made to last.”

Question: Where were the National Trust range of garden tools made?

Posted in Competitions By Stuart Elsom On 19th May 2010

The National Trust range of garden tools are made in the Bulldog Tools factory in Wigan, UK. Top quality tools made in Britain made to last. Complete with solid Ash YD handles.

ROBERT MITCHELL posted on 6th June 2010

My answer to your competition is: Wigan

RACHEL M posted on 4th June 2010

According to you, they are made in Wigan! I love the National Trust; it always promotes the best.

SUSAN SIMS posted on 20th May 2010


LUKE B posted on 20th May 2010

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