We’ve been in touch with Graham Park, the direct descendent of William Park who began the Forge back in 1780. It’s been a delight to consider the different people who have been involved in the companies history over the years.

From WIlliam to Graham, the line of descendants is:

Wiliam Park, Jonathan Park, Henry Park, Sidney Park, Brian Park, Graham Park

Here are some more details:

  • William Park started off the Wigan Slitting Mill which was later to become Wm Park & Co. He was born 31st March 1757 and so started the business, in 1780, at the age of 23.
  • Jonathan Park was born in 1786.
  • Henry Park was born in 1827. He was the Mayor of Wigan from 1882 – 1886 and his picture, as Mayor, is below.
  • Henry Park died in 1890. This meant his son Sidney, born in 1876, had to run the business from the age of 17! He served the company for 49 years and a picture of him is below.
  • Brian Park was born in 1915. He and his brother Cyril were the last of the Park family to work at Clarington Forge.
  • Graham Park was born in 1946.

Here are the pictures:

Henry Park as Mayor
Sidney Park, from 1898
We really appreciate Graham’s efforts in helping us get to know the Park family a little better.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 27th April 2010

Lovely to hear about the history. I do love seeing the old photos too.

STONE ART BLOG posted on 5th May 2010

Thank you for showing us these old pictures. It’s part of history.

TATYANA posted on 4th May 2010

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