Here’s the world’s biggest spade at the Dutch Nursery Garden Centre in Hatfield:

Alongside our spade is Richard Henn and his niece, Emily.

The spade will be on show at this garden centre until the 8th of April. They can be found 5 miles north of the M25 motorway, at:
The Great North Road
Brookmans Park
United Kingdom
They are also holding a separate exhibition of paintings, sketches and photographs from three local artists. To learn more, visit:

Posted in Garden Centres By Ed White On 22nd March 2010

That’s great! I think … I could actually use one of those for our clay, rocky soil in Austin. :)

AMY/GO AWAY posted on 27th March 2010

WOW! I’d hate to see the giant that would be able to use that tool! haha That’s one massive spade. Very impressive!

KARA posted on 25th March 2010

What fun, Stuart! Now THAT’S a spade!! :)

KIMBERLY posted on 24th March 2010

Very impressive! Makes me want to go outside and dig something!

TATYANA@MYSECRETGARDEN posted on 23rd March 2010

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