It’s our 230th anniversary! We have many celebrations instore and we hope you’ll enjoy the fun. A local legend says our forge is built on the site of a monastery where the monks had their own forging process. History as we know it began when our factory was founded in 1780 by William & Henry Parkes. In fact, we’ve been producing high quality tools for so long now they can be in all sorts of places:

On Trains
In the York Railway Museum is one of our Fireman’s Shovels. These had a narrow blade to allow the fireman to feed the boiler with coal.
On Submarines
You can see a Bulldog shovel being used to clear ice from the top of a US Navy submarine after it had broken through the Arctic ice on YouTube.
In a First World War Trench
An episode of “Time Team” uncovered a WW1 trench that had remained sealed for over 90 years. They found a Bulldog general service shovel as issued to the British army. Here they are on YouTube.
Used by Tony Robinson, aka ‘Baldrick’
The Daily Mail recently included a picture of the presenters of ‘Time Team’. In the picture, Tony Robinson (aka ‘Baldrick’) is leaning on a Bulldog spade. We can now say that we’ve done our bit to support British comedy.
Used by John Bercow, Speaker of the House
The Sunday Times recently showed a picture of the Speaker of the Houses of Commons, John Bercow, holding a Bulldog spade as he prepared to plant a tree outside of Stowe School.
If you see a Bulldog Tool in an unusual place, let us know! We’d love to hear about it.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 6th January 2010

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