In last weeks blog we wrote about the similarity between the great British marque that is Land Rover and our own brand of Bulldog tools. It is a well known fact that a very high percentage of all the Land Rovers ever built are still on the road today. The figure is more than 50%. This brought us to compare Bulldog Tools in the same light. If you buy a Bulldog shovel or fork it is normally for life, or at least a very long time. How else is Bulldog like Land Rover?

One way that springs readily to mind is the way in which many Land Rover enthusiasts customize their cars to their own specific requirements. Soft tops, winches, split windscreens, snorkels for off-roading through water, the list goes on! They have taken the brand and made it their own. Indeed, when we show at exhibitions such as Saltex or the RHS, Bulldog enthusiasts will take the time to tell us about their customisations.

Landscapers are one group of people who regularly modify our tools to suit their needs. The most popular tool for customisation is our narrow trenching spade. A six foot piece of steel tube is welded in place of the steel shaft. This turns the spade into an excellent post hole digger. The weight of the pole helps to make the tool even more effective when digging into heavy soil or clay.

Our Trenchmaster is a direct result from listening to our customers conversion stories. By trimming down their shovel blades, they made a tool ideal for both digging and shovelling. This was such a popular customisation that we decided to save them the bother by making it ourselves!

Posted in Things we like By Stuart Elsom On 27th September 2009

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