Wow! What an incredible time we have had at GLEE this week. The show was smaller than in previous years, but this resulted in a higher standard of exhibitor. We saw a huge increase in interest from buyers wanting to purchase a better quality range of garden tools. At Bulldog Tools we were able to help. The launch of our “Bulldog Green” collections helped to focus the garden centre buyers to the best selling tools in our extensive range.

With the message now appearing to get through to the garden centre buyers that gardeners and landscapers alike are looking for better quality tools that are durable and by design “greener” due to the fact that they last so much longer.

It is believed that the Land Rover is in fact one of the greenest cars on the road! Not because of their fuel consumption, but by the fact that over 60% of the Land Rovers ever built are still on the road. At Bulldog we like to think that our tools are of a similar durability. You only have to buy a Bulldog once: Not every season!

At Bulldog we are looking forward to a brighter, greener future. Bulldog Tools, the last forge of it’s kind in England!

Posted in Exhibitions By Stuart Elsom On 23rd September 2009

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