At Bulldog we are very aware of the need to try and reduce the amount of energy that we use during our manufacturing process. We make every effort to reduce the amount of gas that we need in order to forge the heads of our spades and forks, indeed we are currently looking at the possibilities of induction heating.

Induction heating uses electricity to create a magnetic field around the item to be heated. The magnetic field aggrevates the molecules in the steel, creating heat within the item within a matter of seconds. Investment in such technology is not cheap! As a British manufacturer we get very little help in investment for such technology, but there are loans available from the Carbon Trust. We will be applying to see if we can obtain any assistance. We will keep you updated on how things progress.

A recent survey of our site at Wigan, England, showed that we generate approx 1600 tons of carbon emmissions during the year in the process of manufacturing. This has now allowed us to understand our energy footprint and address the issues of trying to reduce our emmissions.

A recent internal survey has shown that by manufacturing in the UK for the UK market, each of our forged tools produces over 40% less carbon than a similar tool imported from China. The fact that we do not have to ship our product over 10,000km as many of our competitors do allows us to make a massive saving.

We will continue to try and reduce our energy use in the coming years and will keep you informed of our progress. One thing we can promise you is that we will continue to manufacture here in the UK.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 9th May 2009

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