We all like to think that we are doing our bit for the enviroment. Composting the grass cuttings, using the brown bin that the council provides, and re-using those plastic pots that we have to buy every time we put a new shrub into the garden.

Do you ever give any thought as to where the tools you are using actually come from? At Bulldog tools 100% of our solid forged tools are made here in the UK. We burn gas in order to heat the steel, but we do not have to ship our tools half way around the world in order to get them to you!

As gardeners we should give thought as to where our tools come from and how they are made. All of the timber that we use to make our handles comes from renewable sources, either FSC from Germany or from the USA. In both cases we use best quality Ash. A resource that is farmed and sustainable.

We should also give thought to the environmental effect of buying cheap. Not only do the tools have to travel thousands of miles to reach your local garden centre, but quite often they do not last very long either! Hit the first tree root and the spade or fork can bend or break. A cost not only to your pocket , but also to the enviroment to make a replacement!

At Bulldog we pride ourselves that our Premier Solid Forged Range comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship*. Buy a Bulldog spade or fork once and it should last you a life time. Though Bulldog tools cost a little more, they are likely to last a lot longer making them far better value in the long term.
As we start gardening this summer please give some thought, not just to the sustainability of your garden, but also the tools you use to keep it looking so good. Happy gardening!

* For the lifetime of the tool, not the user. All of our spades and forks far exceed the requirements needed to reach the relevant British Standards.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 6th April 2009

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