The weather this weekend was so wonderful that I spent most of the day in the garden this Saturday.

I have cut a new bed just recently of about one metre by four. I took the opportunity to visit my local garden centre and they were a real help in assisting my plant purchase. I came away from the nursery having spent quite a large sum on plants that would be suitable for a sunny, south facing border. Now to plant them out!

The ground where the new bed is situated is on the site of an old green house, so you would have thought the soil would be well fed, but unfortunatley it is full of glass and rubble from where the green house was demolished by the previous owner. Time therefore to try and put some life back into the ground!

I am lucky enough to have a double compost heap, so there was plenty of material to put onto the bed. In the past I have used a conventional fork to dig out the compost, but found it a hard job, it is never easy to dig into the compost heap……..bring on the Bulldog Evergreen Compost fork.

They say that there is always a tool for the job, you have just got to find it. Well find it I have! This tool is nothing short of brilliant for digging compost. The tines are just the right width to stop the material from falling through, plus they are machined to a fine point, making it easy to push into the compost without catching on the various roots and rotting material that is to be found in a compost heap. With a light tubular constrction and “T” handle the discovery of the compost fork is a revelation! In the future I will always try and find the right tool for the job. I will keep you posted of my findings.

If you’d like to see it action, check out this video posted by a customer the other side of the world!

Posted in Our Tools By Stuart Elsom On 26th April 2009

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