Bulldog Tools have been used for many years in many different places and for hundreds of different purposes. After the previous blog post, I decided to research into other uses of our tools.

A while back now we were given a well used Bulldog Premier Spade by a customer wanting to purchase a new one. The spade had clearly been put through its paces. The blade had lost all of its paint coating and had halved in size, white the wooden YD handle had clearly worn to the users hands. Despite this obvious wear and tear the spade remained in perfect working condition, the ash shaft had not split or splintered, the socket was still firmly riveted in place and the blade was still in one forged piece, it just goes to show how well Bulldog tools are made.

However, there was one creepy thing about this spade, what it had been used for. The spade had been used by a local grave digger, his profession, as you can imagine, meant that he had to dig 6ft holes into the ground. The tool was essential to the task at hand and without such a good quality spade the job would have been much more difficult, that is why time and time again professionals choose Bulldog Tools.

Some modern graveyards use industrial diggers to do the work but more traditional church grounds require more delicate work in confined areas. The Bulldog Premier Spade is good for digging heavy soil but if the soil is very heavy clay, the user might choose a Bulldog Strapped Spade for extra strength. All I can say is when it comes to my time to kick the bucket, I’m buried in a hole dug by a Bulldog Spade…

Posted in Our Tools By Stuart Elsom On 19th March 2009

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