As the last forge of it’s kind in Britain, we haveĀ been interested to see the formation of “Get Britain Building”. This is a coalition of organisations from within the construction sector who are calling for the creation of a new business environment to help the UK construction industry thrive and prosper in these difficult times.

The campaign, which is spearheaded by British Precast, the Builders Merchants Federation, the Federation of Master Builders and the Modern Masonry Alliance, focuses on the need to help all those involved in the UK construction industry survive in the current economic downturn, with an emphasis on minimising excessive control, regulation, and taxation.

At Bulldog, we hope that their efforts are successful. As a British manufacturer of Bulldog Spades and Forks, employing 65 workers at our factory in Wigan, England, we understand just how important it is to kick start the building trade which supports so many other industries in the UK.

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Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 4th March 2009

James, Bulldog are supporting British jobs by manufacturing all of our solid forged tools at our factory in Wigan , England. We even turn the handles in our own wood shop. As the last forge of it’s kind in Britain we are determined to keep jobs and work in the UK.

Stuart Elsom posted on 8th March 2009

Glad to see that Bulldog are supporting this cause. Would be good if both the Building and the manufacturing industry could come back home. Something which annoys me at the moment is how we have to recycle every little bit of our rubbish to reduce our carbon footprint, but people don’t seem to realise that they increase it every time you imported products. Its the same with food as well, people buy things which arent in season so have done thousands of miles accross the world. anyone else thing its a bit crazy?

James posted on 5th March 2009

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