Note: You might like to check out our ten-pronged potato fork orĀ four-pronged potato fork

I was interested to learn recently that the National Trust is making land available on it’s own land for allotments. The Trust have allocated approximately 40 sites at this time around the country. To advertise the campaign they are using the “Dig for Britain” approach as seen during the last war when the public were encouraged to use any land available for growing food. With the current trend towards “grow your own” we think that the campaign will be a success.

Bulldog is the last forge of it’s kind in Britain, still making solid forged tools as we were during the war! We are keen to see the National Trust succeed. It has even been rumoured that the Trust have asked Gordon Brown to designate some land at 10 Downing Street to an allotment. If you do decide to start your own allotment, don’t forget to use your Bulldog Potato fork as featured on this week’s “product of the week”. The flat tynes on this particular tool make it ideal for digging potatoes, the blade design means that the blade will move past the vegetable when digging rather that cause it damage.

Our friend the Fat Gardener at also tells me that anglers use the potato fork for digging bait such as lug and rag worms on the mud flats at low tide. The flat tines reduce the amount of suction caused when digging. It is interesting how different people can find different uses! Happy gardening, or fishing…

Posted in Our Tools By Stuart Elsom On 8th March 2009

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