One of Bulldog employees stumbled upon this interesting piece of footage from Channel 4’s Time Team programme. The show which focuses on historic digs and events. When shelling turned the battlefield of the Somme into a hell on earth, Britain’s best miners and engineers created a maze of tunnels and dugouts that would become the setting for a secret war waged underground. One of the last dugouts constructed has been drained of water, enabling the first people to enter it in 90 years.

When entering the tunnel, the team found many interesting articles. As you can imagine there was the usual debris of war, but what was more interesting for ourselves, was the find of  Bulldog Shovel! This was a type that had been specially produced for the Royal Engineers. The modern equivalent is the Bulldog General Service Shovel. The other tool they found was a Bulldog Grafting Tool, and these are still popular today.

Posted in Our Tools By Stuart Elsom On 19th March 2009

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Ed posted on 19th March 2009

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